Your Puppy’s Teeth

Your Puppy’s teeth, just like children’s, will come out over a period of time, roughly 6 months for our furry little friends. So even though your puppy is going to lose those tiny “weapons” there is no better time than the present to train him for his future dental care. Teaching him early to let you brush those pearly whites will pay dividends when it comes to warding off gum disease, which not only produces bad breath but causes many other problems with kidney, liver, heart, lungs, and possibly even diabetes.
Brushing Your Pet’s Teeth
Fortunately when brushing your pet’s teeth you don’t have to make him say AHHHHH, because concentration on the outside of the teeth is all that is needed. Now if you can teach him “Cheeeeezz” that would be great, but chances are the following method will do better for you. Start the training by running your finger along the outside of your puppy’s teeth. Doggie toothpastes are valuable mostly as a flavoring to make brushing accepted. After he gets used to your finger, introduce a small soft toothbrush, again only brushing the outside of the teeth and gums.
Over The Counter Treatments
There are some really good products available now to aid in retarding plaque and tartar formations in your pets. Two gels, OraZn (a tasteless) or TDC gel caps (best flavored) have proven useful for maintaining gum health. Another option to help is CET Aquadent which is administered by adding it to the water bowl. Also two treats, CET Chews & Greenies are approved by the American Veterinary Dental Society as useful in plaque control. The last two products are a fun way to start your pups dental care.
Home dental care is vital to the longevity of your pet’s healthy teeth. In fact, if done on a routine basis, it’s really as important as any dental cleaning we can do here in the office. The more you can do at home, the less we have to do here.  If you have questions, call us at The Rannals Small Animal Hospital in Whitehouse, Texas, 903-839-7235.

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