Advances in Veterinary Medicine

Oh how things have changed since the 70’s! Telephones in our pockets (and on our wrists). Televisions that hang on our walls. And there have been many advances in veterinary medicine.

Vet medicine has changed so much since we opened the Rannals Small Animal Hospital 37 years ago. We now have these things called computers that store all our client and patient records in this thing call a “hard drive”. We used to have a closet full of records on file cards.

In the lab, the feline leukemia test that had to be sent to a special lab in New Jersey, and then could be run with a in-house kit that took 2 hours, can now be run inside of 10 minutes. We now have heartworm tests that are over 95% accurate and give results inside of 5 minutes. It used to take us over an hour to run one liver enzyme, but now I can have an entire chemistry lab panel run in 10 minutes. And to top that, I can get results on my iPhone app, even if I’m on top of a mountain in Arches National Park, Utah!!

Vaccinations have gotten better and better, safer and safer. Heartworm preventions that used to taste totally awful and had to be given every day are now tasty and given just once a month.

And fleas?? Well, we used to send our clients up to 5 different products to use daily or weekly, just trying to keep their pet flea problems partially under control. Now we have Bravecto, a chewable pill that will kill fleas a full 3 MONTHS!!

We can take radiographs (“x-rays”) and have initial images of the body on a high definition computer screen in about 8 seconds!! It used to take us 15-30 minutes to get a set of x-ray films developed, then they had to dry.

And ultrasound! At our hospital, we can literally see into your pet’s heart and see the valves functioning, the blood flowing via Doppler technology, and can measure the thickness of the heart muscle.

We have had so many advances in veterinary medicine since we opened this hospital in 1979. But our hope is that the care we strive to give to our clients and their pets has continued to improve as well. That “personal touch” is something that we do not want to ever lose.

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