Fleas even in the winter

So far, winter in East Texas in 2017 has been very odd.  Low 20’s one night, almost 80 a couple of days later. As a result, we’re still having fleas even in the winter.

This isn’t a cool exciting post, but please remember to continue using our flea prevention products on your pets even this winter. We’ve had such a weird winter so far, and several dogs and cats coming into the clinic are still having serious flea issues. They itch from the fleas biting them, and several even are having hair loss and skin allergies just like we would normally see in early summer.  Fleas also cause tapeworms as dogs or cats swallow the flea while grooming, thereby releasing a tapeworm larvae into the digestive system which later becomes a long segmented tapeworm.

Fleas also love your house in the winter.  They can continue to churn out those thousands of flea eggs in your carpet, couch cushions, and bedding with the perfect temperatures to complete their life cycle and bless your indoor living spaces with a nice crop of adult fleas, eager to jump on your pets or even you.

We have several great flea products that are very safe and effective on your pets.  Most are applied only once monthly, and one even lasts for 3 months!  They start killing fleas in a matter of hours and help you break that “flea life cycle”.  So keep on using Bravecto, Trifexis, or Revolution in this La Nina winter.  So stay warm (or cool?) and dry.  Enjoy the rest of our mild winter.  And keep your dog or cat protected from those pesky fleas now.  Being diligent owners now can prevent a world of trouble for you when temps really do sore this spring, and this winter flea population becomes an explosion in the coming spring.



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